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5 Sensory Activities for Sensory Impairment

Hypersensitive vs hyposensitive Everybody has a unique way of processing information that our environment gives us, most of the time we process this information and react accordingly without realizing what we are doing. Sensory processing is the

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20 Photos of Gifting during COVID

Although it looks a little different right now, we are not letting COVID stop us from positively impacting families! At the beginning of 2020, we never thought this would be our gifting process, but we

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The Importance of Core Control

When you look at a tree, youtypically notice the branches andleaves, the qualities that make itbig and pretty but the trunk,although overshadowed most ofthe time, is the most importantpart of the tree. It gives it strength and

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Therapy Thursday: Sensory Play

Hey everybody, my name is Emily Gantt. I am the secretary of Specially Gifted Foundation and a full-time speech-language pathologist. Today is my first Therapy Thursday where I provide you with tips and tricks on

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The Kernion’s Story

It has been said that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place.  Unfortunately, life has taught my husband and me that this is simply not true. Like most naïve young couples, Chris and I

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