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Shoe Tying 101

As a therapist working directly with children, I often see skills and tasks done for the child for the sake of convenience. I get it, it’s a fast-paced world, and spending extra time buttoning a

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Upcoming Fundraiser Events

right now Jenna reached out to me with the cutest idea that also gives 30% of sales back to Specially Gifted. These ornaments are adorable! Ornaments are completely customizable for family name, kid’s names, an

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When should a child stop scribbling?

When should a child stop scribbling? Like every other stage in development scribbling, drawing, and writing skills are met at certain ages. So what if your child struggles with drawing? They may have difficulty copying

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Kendall’s 5 Favorite Children’s Books

Welcome back to Kendall’s Library! We hope you have been enjoying our posts about our favorite children’s books! Check out last month’s if you are new here, Kendall’s 5 Favorite Children’s Books Kendall’s 5 Favorite Children’s

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Incorporating Therapy Switches at Home

Let’s talk switches! I’m sure you’ve seen them in your child’s therapy session, a bright colored button they can press to make something happen. Switches are considered to be assistive technology and assistive technology is a

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