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Families who care for children with disabilities deserve support in whatever form they need. Specially Gifted supports the whole family, offering care and community along the way.

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So, do you have any siblings?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this simple and seemingly surface question, the person asking unprepared for the depth of my answer. It is difficult to keep the tone of a conversation light as you reply that you have two younger sisters, one who passed away and one who has severe disabilities… maybe I will master this eventually. Though my family’s journey has not been an easy one, I consider myself unbelievably blessed- I have the strongest parents in the world and two angels as sisters.

Our journey has inspired me to make a positive impact on families in similar situations. I brought the idea to Macey, who had quickly gone from Kendall’s therapy-facilitator to a member of our family many years ago. Macey has always had a heart for children with disabilities and their families and has been one hundred percent on board with me since day one of SGF.

We are beyond excited to see the impact of Specially Gifted Foundation. To our Gifted Families, donors, team, and supporters- you are our inspiration and we could not do this without you, let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of these deserving families.

— Bree Kernion Lanham, Co-Founder, President

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